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Breathe Balance Energize offers a space of refuge from daily life stressors to rejuevenate and align your energy and body via self-care practices. Our aesthetic incorporates vibrant colors, raw elements and natural materials to create a warm, uplifting  and peaceful oasis.


Reiki | a Japanese natural healing technique that reduces stress and induces relaxation.

Benefits include:Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension.It accelerates the body's self-healing abilities. Aids better sleep.Helps relieve pain.Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins. Supports the immune system. Increases vitality and postpones the aging process. Raises the frequency of the body.Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing.


Sessions are designed to meet clients physical capability w/incremental growth. The following Yoga forms are available: Chair, Wall, Yin, Hatha, Kimetic. For additional fee Session  can include enhancements such as Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Chi Stretch and more


This service uses light to make heat. "Far" describes where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. Far infrared sauna penetrates the body at a deeper level than near or mid-infrared. It is considered the best type of sauna for eliminating toxins and reducing inflammation. The incorporation of LED light therapy into an infrared sauna further increases the detoxifying and healing powers of the sauna.

Relax the mind and body while purifying through the soles of your feet. The ionic foot bath cleansing method works by submerging feet in a specified combination of warm, high-quality water + Himalayan salts + negative ions to gently draw out the positively charged toxins in the body through the bottom of your feet. 


AromaTouch Technique addresses systemic stressors experienced the human body by utilizing 8 essential oils. Healing transpires aromatically, physical touch and absorption of oils to address the needs whole body. The benefits include reduces stress; reduces toxic insult to the immune system; and reduces inflammatory response of the body tissues.

Vaginal steaming has variety of benefits includes relieves menstrual pain and reducing stress. During a session, the client sits over a steaming bowl of hot water, which contains herbs like rosemary, basil, mugwort, and wormwood in which tissues absorb healthful plant oils. 

THAI YOGA MASSAGE allows our clients to connect with both the physical and energetic body for the lengthening of muscles and relaxation. This is achieved with synchronizing the breath  with the movement of the 4 muscle groups in the body.

Breathe Balance Energize Membership

Your Monthly Self-Care Routine Made Easy

Members enjoy one discounted monthly 60-minute wellness or beauty service of their choosing, plus additional perks. No initiation fee, no term limits, no cancellation fee. No reason not to try it!

What Our Clients Say


SHERI, Associate Director CIWO

She coaches leaders on ways to incorporate restoration and resilience exercises into their organizational practices.  I highly recommend Breath Balance Energize.Schedule a consultation TODAY, you will not be disappointed.
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