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Hey Happy People!! Being responsible for ones happiness moment by moment day by day is no easy feat. Because we live on and share a planet, every thought and action of an individual or a people directly and indirectly impacts all of life. April of this year marked the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act.

The Clean Water Act was established to safeguard clean, accessible, safe, affordable Water for all. But the U.S. Supreme Court recently issued an unfortunate ruling on Section 401 of the Clean Water Act that prevents rivers from pollution created about corporations. According to Kelly Catlett, director of hydropower reform at American Rivers, Section 401 of the Clean Water Act gives states and certain tribes authority to place conditions for the protection of water on permits and licenses for the construction and operation of projects that could harm rivers, streams, and other Water bodies. These protections ensure that infrastructure projects, such as dams or pipelines, won’t pollute our water or otherwise negatively affect water quality. Section 401 also allows states and tribes to work with the federal government to ensure that rivers are protected and that projects meet the needs of local communities.

Unfortunately, the Trumph Administration EPA in 2020 made some drastic changes that impacted both practice of propection and cooperation between government, tribes and communities. These changes gave corporations permission to pump waste into rivers, streams that eventually make way to recharge areas and City Aquifers. (Read More)

This is where my becoming a Water Snob comes into play. We use Water for direct purposes such as bathing, drinking, growing and consuming food. The Water consumed to produce our food plays an even bigger part in our consumption – it amounts to 3,496 liters a day per person. If the direct sources of our Water are being threatened and compromised with waste, so are WE. We no longer need to be concerned with just the alkalinity of Water, the type of bottle it's packaged in and/or the amounts we drink per day. We now must absolutely be mindful of the source and if our whole health is being compromised by predatorial practices of corporations and captilism.

As an Environmental Advocate of 19 years and a lifetime Nature Enthusist, I encourage all of us to understand the dicotomy of the relationship between the internal envrionment of the body and the external environment of the planet along with it's necessity of and dependency on water. Some of the top 8 largest nations of the globe waste collectively a total of 867 trillion gallons of Water annually. Join the this movement of Water mindfulness and let's figure out how to be better stewards of Mother Nature while holding both government and corporations for their practices against the highest of human kind.

To date my choice of drinking water is Waiakea - Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Hands down its the most delicious and healthy bottle water on the market in my humble opinion. The downside to purchase is contributing to the plastic waste on the planet because you can not purchase in large volumes here in the states. To play your part in countering the water waste of usage in this country, check out my upcoming blog on How to Collect Rain Water and consider volunteering at the Outdoor Activity Center with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) where you can become an active Advocate for both Water and Earth. Until next time......remember Your Happiness Matters and You deserve receiving your BEST.


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