The Benefits of Imperfection

I've been writing this blog for the last 3 weeks in my head as I approach 50 yrs of LIFE. I arrived at my retreat abroad not with the 4 pack abs I imagined due to multiple slices of German chocolate cake and berry pie with ice cream. No photo shoots found me as glamorous as I aspired to be. My Self critic analyzed my choices and very present for the outcome of all of them. Thru this lens of perfection I judged the gaps in between my teeth to the slight pudge of my waist. I watch myself constantly titer between being enough and being.... Perfection and authentic.... Internal beauty vs. physical.

Spirit affirms I'm all things. Flesh struggles to accept all that I have not mastered in my train of thoughts and practice. In this understanding of what it means to be human and flawed, I instruct to render myself grace and compassion because change is possible. I mean change is possible at any given moment with a decision to transform.

There's no transformation in perfection. It leaves no room for reflection, mistakes, growth, exploration and discovery. It leaves no room for PRACTICE or limitless goals to aspire and attain. Our societal norms are boxes in which systems have been put in place to measure, define and limit what we believe is possible. Simultaneously, killing dreams and possibilities in one sweep of assimilation and/or confirmaty.

The benefits of imperfection I get to define myself in this moment. I get to roam and define my moment and it's offerings. I get to accept this is where I am mentally, emotionally and physically for a reason(s) until a next moment comes along for me to say otherwise.

In the prob of what I have done, I wish I had done better. I wish I had not made so many choices from a place of fear. I'm clear of fear's appearances in my life and the times his dance left me immobile.... even mute. I'm certain a gift was carved out with my nails and intuitive knowing. There in the midst of my silent ennui I became the Bravehearted.

Dr. Pinakola Estes references this Womb Man as WILD and ALWAYS beckoning to sing FREEDOM and dance with GOD. My version of her stands bare skin exposed absorbing the Sun; being cleansed by rainfall and flows like water; reminded by the Wind it's safe to be gentle or be a storm listening carefully will tell me when.

Breathe Balance Energize was created in the dawn and death of me. It's the shedding of skin as I hold space for myself and others to go free of the pain, disappointment and stress. It is a place for the imperfect that wants to thread a stream...a path, a practice through the jungle we call the World. This trail is in reach of all that is organic and native to our Soul. It feeds our every need and desire while strengthening our trust in a greater force than man.

So as I walk over this bridge with the full support of Divine Source and my Ancestors, my footing is steadfast, my vision is clear, my imperfection necessary and the LOVE that reigns over my life is profound and a masterful tool I will continuously use daily.


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