Surrendering to Right Now

How are you today? We are just checking in.

We know that right now is an especially difficult time for our country. Feelings of uncertainty and overwhelming stress have a strong impact and can take a toll on our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Thoughts and feelings of no control concerning the decisions made by others can also support feelings of anxiety and depression.

Breathe Balance Energize is here to help. We encourage you to find a quiet space that allots you the opportunity to have some much needed "Me Time". Light a candle, diffuse your favorite essential oil and play some meditative music. Find a comfortable place to sit preferably with your feet up. Adjust the temperature of the room to ensure you really feel comfortable. Take a look around and take inventory of the beauty that surrounds you. Remember the blessings and miracles that guided your steps to materialize the moment right now. Fortunately, none of which was dependent on who was in office running our country. It was dependent on prayers, affirmations, visualizations and a lot of hard work on your part. A very vital part of that equation was trust and steadfast faith with the realization there was nothing more for you to do but wait.

In the waiting period is where we begin the act of surrender. For many this is both a vulnerable and uncomfortable place to be. Surrender requires some acceptance of faith & trust are more than nice sounding words. It calls on you to shift your belief and not weigh in on the translation of things seen. However, stand in a moment of unknown with great peace and belief that all things are for your highest good. A moment where you resound the internal knowing of how Universal Energy conspires to give exactly what you desire. As you relax into surrender, the body relaxes as well as releasing all fears and negative self-talk. You become more deliberate about holding space for love and positive energy to join the Love frequency. Here you arrive to a safe space that cannot be destroyed by any one decision/action made by another. For you decide where you invest your energy (attention) and how you will feel. Your happiness is your responsibility alone yet bridges you to an amazing community who takes great pride in doing the same.

Now return to your moment focusing on the ease of your breath and the assured beating of your heart. Glancing at the infinite possibilities available to you affirm : I AM the LOVE LIGHT of God manifesting and receiving my highest good at all times under all circumstances freely, effortlessly and continuously.

For other tools to assist, journey to our meditation page to deliberately allow sound and the color of the ocean assist in the alignment of your being. There are also a number of affirmation and breathing meditations available to you on our Breathe Balance Energize Youtube channel.

Remember, we are in this together.


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