Self-Care: Rebellion or Revolutionary

It's the second half of 2020 and I can't seem to envision beyond my current moment. The shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has worn off but the causalities suffered by many Americans feels like the spoils of war. We've all probably have traveled the gamut of fight, flight or freeze. Our fight may have looked like protesting for BLACK LIVES MATTER, starting a garden or redirecting our fury on the wrong target. Flight could have been the comfort found eating junk food or taking refuge in a battered women's shelter. Freeze left many introverted, silent and quarantined with their discomforts and denials. No matter which one reigns true for you. It is all more than a street fight where you have to muster the courage to face and whoop your bullies ass.

It's Spiritual Warfare. What does this mean? It means the following:

  • We must be strategic in the use of our personal time.

  • Cognizant of the placement of our footing.

  • Deliberate with the investment of our energy.

  • Know how to apply our skills & strengths.

Osho, Author of the book entitled Living on Your Own Terms defines "Rebellion" as "spiritual phenomenon; meditating for the future; and as individual, non-violent and peaceful. Rebellion is love, understanding & compassion". He describes the "Revolutionary" as an "organized effort to change the society forcibly, violently. A reflection of what you are opposing. Anger."

All media feeds weigh in consuming our energy and mental space with the revolution being televised with the intent to destroy the individual and distract us from rebellion. Ultimately the individual is independent in thought, a critical thinker, not reactionary, detached and non-judgmental. To be individual is about identifying the promise / miracle each moment beholds before you. It's the choice to live beyond comfort zones, habits and comfort food. It's the practice of incremental positive change in periods of discomfort. It's knowing your what & why along with the strength to say YES or NO. It's taking all your energy back and assigning it to all the areas of your life to render your highest good. To rebel is to deliberately set aside time to be still & consciously breathe in & out. Striking balance and setting health boundaries is to rebel. Awaking to your day saying "Thank you" and doing 20 minutes of Yoga with a Superfood smoothie to follow is to rebel. Rebellion is Self-care.


Meditative rebellion awaits for you here. Select picture to begin.



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