Colored Girls Hustle Anthem

I don't even know where to begin about the millions things I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about this anthem created by Taja Lindley, Founder of Colored Girls Hustle and Jessica Valoris, Artist and Educator. However, I think starting off with "I know my WORTH" is an awesome start to everything.....especially my Happiness. I knowing my worth allows me to identify my acts of self-love and who I define myself to be as the measuring stick. I knowing my worth gives me permission to celebrate my God given gifts un-apologetically. This knowing of ones worth is a language of self-literacy that allows me to connect and communicate with other Colored Girls raising the frequency of their self-LOVE. I knowing my worth allows me the opportunity to align with the synergy of Colored Girls who are not silenced but brave Alchemist transforming the ills of this world to beauty.

Recently recounting childhood trauma with my brother, it was apparent there were some times Happiness could not be found. Despite not finding myself physically pretty or having a hero to rescue me, I knew my value to me. I knew what I was capable of creating. No one or thing was going to rob me of this knowing. This knowing my value and my worth converts to an unstoppable drive, clarity in the midst of darkness and the strength to persevere through whatever comes my way.

Ultimately, I knowing my worth allows me to identify opposition / obstacles as opportunity of fertile ground to refine my blade of truth, reassess my practice of my highest good and serves as a catalyst for me to be exactly who I say I AM. So, go ahead and it hit play again to be reminded of the hustle that begins with you knowing your worthy and you are Love. Everything else is the magic you produce wherever you decide to be.


Please check out This Ain't A Eulogy by Taja Lindley and buy their fly jewelry/art.





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