The Courage To Love is an act of Happiness

Did you know Happiness is increasingly considered a proper measure of social progress and a goal of public policy? Did you know as of  April 2, 2012 the United Nations thought it was necessary to begin researching the Happiness and Well being of all people across the globe? Well now you know there are universities like Harvard and MIT that are going about the task of measuring Happiness and trying to figure out the equation of how to make Happiness sustainable.

I personally applaud such efforts because they absolutely confirm that every individual's Happiness matters and has an interdependent affect on the collective Happiness of the world. As I sit and read these articles and research reports, I can honestly say that the only person to inquire if I was Happy in life was my Dad. I believe being able to identify if your Happy and its source is vital part of living our best lives. It's also a baby step anyone can take in figuring out how to be responsible or more responsible for Happiness if we have become dismissive of its importance.

Dismissive of it's importance can look like assigning another as having more value than you. You consider their mere existence "the Prize" as they may deem your presence not necessary. Dismissive of Happiness could be the acceptance of unhealthy cycles you were born into or the consistent choice to live in fear.

To be Happy calls for the courage to Love yourself. When we demonstrate love for Self via our thoughts, words and deeds, Happiness is an instant byproduct. Love becomes a muscle that when exercised creates a growing positive synergy capable of enveloping all within it's radius. Love, happiness and joy are for those who dare greatly in believing in the highest good and miracle of life.

Breathe Balance Energize would like to hear from those who are courageous in the act of LOVE and willing to share how it contributes to ones personal happiness in the comments. According to Dr. Brene Brown, Researcher of Shame, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”  The conscious choice to Love is an act of Happiness and courageousness. 


Pledge to be HAPPY



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