Pledge to Self

I,                                                                 (Full name), acknowledge my Happiness Matters. My Happiness is my sole responsibility. I commit to speak, think and actualize my highest good. This commitment begins with my practice of Self-compassion. Self-compassion being defined as I accept my good, my bad, my indifference without judgement. I change those parts of myself that do not benefit and honor me and/or others when I deem necessary. I release all thoughts, feelings and/or emotions that do not allow me to be positive in word, thought and deed. I give myself permission to:

  • Dream


  • Trust that I CAN and DO

  • Deliberately choose to be Happy

  • Be grateful and count my infinite # of blessings

  • Emit LOVE and receive LOVE

  • Acknowledge my value & always give my BEST

  • Prioritize the investment in me as #1

  • To know I'm in alignment with my highest good

  • Be committed to maintaining my Divine health and peace of mind

  • Cease RIGHT NOW...my present moment is my forever.

I vow daily to be and practice Happiness. This means I will allow Happiness to be a guide to identify what nourishes me (inwardly), inspires me to feel great and encourages me to do my absolute best.

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