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Necessary Acceptance of Peace


Necessary Acceptance of Peace (N.A.P.) is a new service offered by Breathe Balance Energize to help clients prioritize rest. Our a highly curated self-care suite is designed to endorse good sleep and relaxation.

Clients who book our specialty suite to N. A. P. can pre-order their slumber experience via a choice of pillows, aromatherapy scents, select from 7 different Headspace Meditation Sleep Guides and relaxation herbal tea. Our Rest & Recovery Suite is outfitted with Eco-Friendly Earplugs; Bluetooth Eye Mask; Molekule’s Air Pro system for the purest air; and Far Infrared Red Light to optimize sleep quality and improve daytime mental and physical performance.

After getting that necessary slumber, clients can take their wellness a step further with an in-room workout complements of personal strength fitness Instructor onsitein or schedule a full body Chi Stretch in our Yoga Studio on a few steps away. Additional holistic services include Reiki, Yoni Steam, Ion Foot Detox along with assortment of superfood smoothies, wellness tonics, specialty coffee and tea to choose from on our health-conscious menu.



Designate 3 hours of rest as an act of both resistance and self-care. Rest & Recovery Suite comes with a choice of pillows, aromatherapy scents, Headspace Meditation Sleep Guides  & relaxation herbal tea. Our Suite is outfitted with Eco-Friendly Earplugs; Bluetooth Eye Mask; Molekule’s Air Pro system; and Far Infrared Red Light to optimize sleep quality. Utilize this time to meditate, be still and breathe as you comfortably transition into slumber. Price: $150



This 6 hour get-away NAP Service is devoted to Rest, Relaxation, Recover & Rejuvenation. It includes a vegan meal, 45 minute Yoga Thai Massage, Inversion, a Vitamin C Shower with heated Lavender towels along with standard suite service perks.

Price: $350 



The customized N.A.P. Service is a 9 hours of escape to prioritize mental, physical and spiritual investment. Clients get to choose 3 - 45 minute of  Signature services. In addition, Yoga Thai Massage, Inversion, Vitamin C Shower/Bath. Tarot Card Reading, superfood smoothie & vegan meal. All N.A.P. services come with standard suite service.

Price: $500

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