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B2E Yoga for Kids is designed to promote self- literacy and mindfulness. The benefits of yoga include the following & more: build concentration, reduce stress & anxiety, increases strength, flexibility, boost immunity and coordination. Breathing meditation is coupled with Yoga in hopes children will experience the relaxation of deliberate breathing while simultaneously learning self-management. Classes are intended to be fun and are age-appropriate for children ages 6 - 12 years old.

Regular yoga practice by children has a positive impact on their overall well being and physical growth. Classes will be taught by Certified Yoga Instructor Lorraine K. McCall. Her 25 year experience of teaching youth in the fields of academia, visual / performing arts and yoga / meditation makes her over equipped to connect and positively assist in a child's development.

Breathe Balance Energize welcomes the opportunity to offer Yoga to 100 children in the upcoming 2021 spring school semester. The class will begin January 8, 2020 & transpire every Friday at 12 PM EST / 11 AM CST. We extend an invitation to public and private schools along with home school organizations to register. Our goal is to support parents, teachers and children is such uncertain times that has induced some extreme changes to our everyday norm.

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