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Breathe Balance Energize is a wellness care business offering holistic services to support you being both healthy and happy. We assist our clients to identify and develop best practices to align your mind, body and spirit. Allow us to be an Advocate, Guide and Accountability Partner in your whole health transformation and practice.

"Taking Lorraine's 1-on-1 Prenatal Yoga has provided me a beautiful balance of being able to practice yoga all the while being pregnant. I get a good yoga session that focuses on stretching / flexibility and meditation with the intentions to accommodate my needs."

"Lorraine's Yin Yoga class has made a huge difference in my stamina. I can stand, sit and walk longer and without pain and stiffness in my lower back. Previously I could not lay flat on my back without experiencing pain and discomfort in my lower back. The physical relief alone encourages me to continue classes.

- Raquel Walker





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Breathe Balance Energize believes your happiness is imperative for 2 crucial reasons. The first reason is simply you deserve to experience both all the joy & pleasure life has to offer. Secondly, your happiness directly contributes to the overall sentiment of the world. Help us to attain the goal of 100,000 people pledging to be HAPPY. Help spread the message that "Your Happiness Matters".


Do you have questions about what Holistic Health & Wellness is and it's benefits? Learn more about how to address the needs of your entire person .

Happy New Year!!! We did it!. We made it to 2022 after transitioning into 2021 being real intentional about our thoughts, words and the actions required to support them. There was a lot of unforeseen change but that's ok. Hopefully, we all reached deep inside to be reminded of our greatness, worthiness and resilience. If not, Breathe Balance Energize has decided to provided affirmations on our Youtube Channel to give you the language you need to be and remain in dialogue and connection with your higher Self.


Breathe Balance Energize is offering this new service to help clients to achieve optimum health happiness. This Sea Moss Blend will firm and tone the skin with option to select from cellulite reduction or detoxification. The Sea Moss is made in house from the finest ingredients. CBD oil can be added during the moisturizing step for an additional $25 to address pain and promote relaxation.

Breathe Balance Energize has created this 1-on-1 service to target the population of people  disconnected from the physical and energetic needs of their body. We would like to serve those who have been accepting living with stiffness, pain and aches by providing this service as a solution/first step to reclaim feeling great within their skin. It's also the perfect service for Athletes who are in need of a  restoration service to counter the stress placed on the body from playing sports and/or extensive training. Find out the benefits and schedule an appointment with Lorraine.


NATURE + NURTURE Holistic Self-Care Packages
Our dedication to supporting individual well being & social wellness in our community was demonstrated in the success of our most recent Nature + Nurture Open House Event.  Not only do we create value in our Lakewood Heights Community, we build opportunities to strengthen our capacity to support healthy, nurturing and loving relationships with ourselves, our families and our communities.

We have learned very clearly there is nothing natural or satisfying about quarantining for 75 weeks and counting. The pandemic has helped us to reassign the value of our time, energy while recommitting to being healthy. So Breathe Balance Energize thoroughly enjoyed having clients & community to join us at our outdoor Oasis. In turn, we will host a Nature + Nurture Event quarterly. The next one schedule is for the Winter Solstice. Come back for more details. 

In the interim, we are offering 10 holistic care packages for clients to experience and incorporate into their self-care practice.

4 Tips to Achieve Peace


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New Meditation Videos

Because your happiness matters, take a few minutes to be guided through a breathing meditation as you affirm your truth.


Green Smoothie Recipes

Because it's just as important for us to be mindful of our food selections, I've written this guide to provide healthy food alternatives to help on your journey.

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It's time to set aside a few moments to learn about Yoga postures (asanas) & how they benefit the mental, emotional & physical Self.


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