Lorraine K. McCall


Certified Yoga Instructor | Reiki Master |M.S. / B.S.


Breathe Balance Energize (BBE) is a holistic care service business that operates out of the Breathe Balance Energize Studio in South East Atlanta, GA. Our services are inclusive of  Yoga, Reiki, Energy Clearing, AromaTouch Technique, Guided Meditation, Wellness Coaching and more. Our goal is to support and assist clients /guest to establish a strong self-care practice. We seek to be a safe place of refuge in which internal reflection, vulnerable dialogue coupled with energy work serves as a catalyst of renewal, rejuvenation and realignment.

Breathe Balance Energize Studio is a recently renovated 1950s ranch home located minutes away from downtown Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport & more. This rnodernized space has a plush white kitchen with clean lines; spa bathroom; Yoga studio space that converts to various relaxing settings for holistic services; and a quarter acre of peaceful greenspace. Be sure to inquire about BBE holistic care services during your stay.

I am a 49 year old Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master Practitioner, AromaTouch Technician with over 10 years experience. I am an Visual Artist, Playwright, Dancer, Self-Published Author, Traveler, Community Investor & more. More importantly..... I AM!!! My life journey is to sustain peace, be a deliberate Alchemist and Master Self with compassion, love, deliberate practice and exercised growth.

I have not always been that clear or felt free to live my truth. I lived in fear of not having enough, suffered medically from working in a stressful atmosphere and fought against a work culture that punishes you for being a critical thinker that refuses to "just go along to get along" with mediocrity. All of this opposition served as a fertile ground for me to learn and practice mindfulness while building the courage to change for my highest good.


My love life purpose is serve as a messenger that my/your Happiness Matters. Simultaneously, serving as an example of what life looks like when all decisions are made from Love only.  My passion is to be of service to human kind in taking the vital steps of self-literacy, mindfulness and self-love. The art of Happiness is a conscious choice & practice. Come join me in the surrender required to be present in the beauty of right now happily and safely.

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