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Breathe Balance Energize is a holistic care business in service of your happiness. Our mission is to support you in becoming your best self by helping you to develop and align your mind, body and spirit. Allow us to be an advocate and guide to your Divine health happiness via developing a strong routine self-care practice.

"Taking Lorraine's 1-on-1 Prenatal Yoga has provided me a beautiful balance of being able to practice yoga all the while being pregnant. I get a good yoga session that focuses on stretching / flexibility and meditation with the intentions to accommodate my needs."

"Lorraine's Yin Yoga class has made a huge difference in my stamina. I can stand, sit and walk longer and without pain and stiffness in my lower back. Previously I could not lay flat on my back without experiencing pain and discomfort in my lower back. The physical relief alone encourages me to continue classes.

- Raquel Walker






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Breathe Balance Energize believes your happiness is imperative for 2 crucial reasons. The first reason is simply you deserve to experience both all the joy & pleasure life has to offer. Secondly, your happiness directly contributes to the overall sentiment of the world. Help us to attain the goal of 100,000 people pledging to be HAPPY. Help spread the message that "Your Happiness Matters".

B2E Loving to Self w/ Yin Yoga


A Yoga class series is designed to promote self-literacy and self-love incorporating mantras and conscious breathing with every asanas. Carving out time for participants to reassign energy to Self while feeding their mental and physical needs is a constructive and vital counter to the negativity our community is subjected to as a result of social and economic inequities. Next classes are scheduled for May 18th & May 25th at the Focused Community Strategies.


For the month of May Breathe Balance Energize will be offering the following 30 minute classes for $1 Monday through Friday at 7 PM EST : Mediation, Gentle Yoga, Pilates Yoga Fusion, Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Barre Fusion. This is a great opportunity to experience Lorraine's instruction style and receive the benefits of working with her consistently. Register NOW!!


Breathe Balance Energize Yoga N The Park 


Are you ready to feel the Sun? Spend some time outdoors among the trees and breathe deep to restore the body, mind and spirit. Starting the first Saturday of April @ 9 AM Breathe Balance Energize will be offering Yin & Restorative Yoga at Cofield Park in Hapeville, GA.  This Yoga class is available to residents of South Atlanta free of charge. Our goal is to support our communities in establishing or maintaining a practice of self-care. Join us with the intent to deeply relax the body; stills the mind; and tone/stretch the muscles. Equipment needed: 2 Yoga blocks, mat, blanket, strap and a pillow for class.

4 Tips to Achieve Peace


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New Meditation Videos

Because your happiness matters, take a few minutes to be guided through a breathing meditation as you affirm your truth.


Green Smoothie Recipes

Because it's just as important for us to be mindful of our food selections, I've written this guide to provide healthy food alternatives to help on your journey.

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It's time to set aside a few moments to learn about Yoga postures (asanas) & how they benefit the mental, emotional & physical Self.


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