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Yoga Services

1 - OM- 1 Yoga

couples yoga

thai yoga massage

Signature Service

Signature Service

Signature Service for the Athlete 

 Body, mind and spirit

Benefits: Customized session offering a various forms of Yoga, increased flexibility with aromatherapy, breathing meditation along with verbal affirmations 

Build Connection 

Benefits: Increases trust / communication, Improves  self-awareness in relationship to partner, Reduces stress and anxiety, creates positive memories and experiences.

Sports Inspired

Benefits: Stretches all 4 muscle groups, promotes blood circulatiom, developed to retain competitive edge & overall health wellness.

the enhancements

sound therapy

Guided Meditation

Sound therapy is a form of alternative therapy that uses sound waves to promote healing and relaxation. It can involve various types of sounds, including music, singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and other instruments

Benefits:  Reduced stress, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, etc.

Breathing and visual exercises coupled with affirmations to calm the mind and relax the body.

Benefits: Stress Relief, enhances concentration, induces relaxation,

the care

Spa Services


Signature Service

 Body, mind and spirit

Benefits: Customized session offering a various forms of Yoga, increased flexibility with aromatherapy, breathing meditation along with verbal affirmations. 

Aromatouch therapy

Signature Service

 Body, mind and spirit

Benefits: Aromatherapy is a holistic healing practice that uses essential oils combined with touch inducing relaxation, stress relief, mental clarity and pain relief.

Far Infrared Sauna 

 Body Detox

Benefits: Reduce stress & fatigue, appearance of cellulite, Immune system support, Weight Loss / Calorie burning, Increased metabolism Muscle aches, & joint relief

ion foot detox bath

 Body, mind and spirit

Benefits: Reduces inflammation, aids in lymphatic drainage, diminishes headaches and neck-aches, and improves both mental clarity and the body’s PH balance.

Crystal Energy Clearing

Crystal healing is an alternative therapy that involves using crystals and gemstones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Benefits:  Stress reilief, emotional  spiritual growth, and may help to alleviate physical discomfort.

Body Wrap

Signature Service

 Body, mind and spirit

Benefits: Reduce cellulite, Lose inches, Detox your body, Tightens, Hydrates and Nourishes skin

yoni steam

 Body, mind and spirit

Benefits: Yoni steam, also known as vaginal steaming, is a holistic healing practice that supports eproductive system by cleansing the vagina, promoting blood flow, and increasing energy.


A beautiful balance...

"Taking Lorraine's 1-on-1 Prenatal Yoga has provided me a beautiful balance of being able to practice yoga all the while being pregnant. I get a good yoga session that focuses on stretching / flexibility and meditation with the intentions to accommodate my needs."

Care memberships

Make self-care & rest apart of your monthly ritual. Care memberships are individualized self-care experiences for the high performing, high achieving and/or simply stressed person who is deliberate about carvering out time to attend to Self. Schedule a virtual discovery and strategy call to create your your personalized Nurture Ritual or Sacred Ritual from the variety of services offered offered at a discount. Select from one of our 2 packages and enjoy a 50 or 80 minute self-care ritual once or twice a month.


• Friends & family member rate for new  and returning customers

• Savings on Monthly Memberships & Custom Care Packages

• Unable to attend schedduled session share with Friends & Family 

or Rollover appointment by rescheduling 48 hours in advance

• 10% Off In-Store Purchases on Breathing Room Products

• It’s membership made easy so you can BBE less stress.



Weekly on BBE YOUTUBE Channel wie provide you the language to encourage internal dialogue and positively endorse a positive narrative about Self and what you believe is possible & available to you. 

Breathe Balance Energize is here to support and assist our clients in making meaningful choices to achieve well-being. By helping clients to visually identify stressors and their harmful impact, they can begin to commit to heal and achieve wellness.



BBE provides individualized road map to health and happiness while serving as your accountabiilty partner. This  service is complementary for new clients and at the end of  initial appointment.

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